September 5, 2017


Notes from the Field:

Thank you!

See Cantaloupe Sorbet recipe

What's in the Bag:

  • Salad mix
  • 1 heat lettuce
  • 6 leeks
  • 1 quart potatoes
  • 1 bag tomatoes
  • 2 canteloupes
  • 1 Lilly melon
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August 29, 2017


Notes from the Field:

With the height of summer, your bags will burst with the fruitiness of melon and tomatoes.

The Lilly melon is a crenshaw melon and tastes similar to a canteloupe, but the rind is nearly paper thin.

With the lack of salad mix - to return in 2ish week, please enjoy  the head lettuce and nasturtium greens as salad/leafy green substitutes!

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Dalziel - Dig Deep

What's in the Bag?

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August 22, 2017


Notes from the Field:

I hope everyone enjoyed what they could of the eclipse.  We plugged away at outdoor tasks.  We have plans to go hiking this weekend - I look forward to a little resppit and change of scenery!

See Classic Panzanella Salad

What's coming: Wonderberries

Dig Deep and Thank you!


What's in the Bag

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March 7, 2017

  • Notes from the Field:

The winter season has brought shorter work days, good rest, and friendships.

As April approaches Jon and I are working out the organizational details of our crop plans, prepping the high tunnel for early spring greens, talking through marketing opportunities, ans starting seeds.  What fun?!?! Yes!

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February 7, 2017


Notes from the Field:

18 states in 20 days.  Jon and I took a winter trip to see family that brought stories of land I could never have imagined: Pastures with cows and wind mills in Texas; acres of green in Illinois, one of our bread basket states; and so much more.

Enjoy your bags this month.  The next bag I will fill with more greens than just cabbage:

The farm is still this time of year - so pleasant.

Dreams of fresh summer melon and brilliant cut flowers keep the heart moving...

Next pickup:

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November 15, 2016


Notes from the Field:

We finished emptying the fields this week. . . no moment too soon!  This past Wednesday evening the sun poured through the trees in the west, imposing communication: "I'm setting;" evoking the feeling: -- there's not much time left.  And we finished pulling the leeks for winter storage.

Farming this time deepens the reverence, appreciation, and wonder of soil, sun, weather, and nature as a whole.  How did some crops make it and not others?  How do we learn from the season?  What do we do with all the storage radishes??

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November 1, 2016

The surrounding horizon lines around the farm are breathtaking.  We are located on a ridge, looking to the East is a confluence and convergence of hills, making a collage of color this Fall.   The incoming harvest, continuous harvest of gr
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October 11, 2016


Notes from the Field:

Jon's mom was visiting over the past weekend, and we had our first wet, cold day of fall.  We took advantage of the time and saw a movie about the Beatles in Waterville - since then our evenings have been filled with kitchen dancing and wondering about the feeling of "Mania" the Beatles evoked.  Pretty fun.

Your bags this week are filled with the accumulation of a season's farm growth.

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October 4, 2016


Notes from the field

Community Supported Agriculture is a shared risk.  As CSA members I deeply honor your commitment to participate in the farm season - try new things, deal with abundance, and of course, share the benefits of the harvest.

It brings such meaning to my life to see you all week after week.  Thank you!

1 week left!!

See the Curried Carrot Soup recipe!

Dig Deep

What's in the Bag:

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September 13, 2016


Notes from the Field:

We are beginning to bring storage crops in - onions and potatoes can be checked off the list.

Sunday's rain brought relief to all - plants, farmers, human and earth kind - the winter cabbage and other late season crops look green again.

As we bring crops in - Jon and I are looking forward to the shorter days, longer nights and hopes for winter rehydration for the soil we work.

We are making plans to attend a Biodynamic Agriculture Conference this late fall for our further education and time together.

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